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Take a pretty glass container, glue bits of greenery around it, and set candles inside to combine the freshness of greenery with the welcoming warmth of candlelight.

Decorated glass candle holder How-To ~ Need some holiday decor in a hurry? Turn your candle glass holder into something special this holiday season with this quick and easy idea. love this idea!

Easy DIY Map-covered Candle:       1. Tear strip of map long enough to wrap around base of candle 2. Mod Podge it

Super fast and easy map candles. Simply tear a strip of map long enough to wrap around the base of the candle and mod podge it onto the candle. DIY gift for Kim.

White Witch  Herbal Alchemy Magick Candle by WhiteMagickAlchemy (I don't believe in witchcraft, but think the candle is so pretty!)

I am really liking these candles tonight. With White Milk, Sugar, Vanilla and Honey . For Transcendental, Universal, Spiritual Magick