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two birds fighting in the snow with each other
Just 19 Hilarious Bird Memes That Will Make You Fly
a bird with a speech bubble on it's head is perched on a tree
four different types of birds are shown in the same row, each with their own caption
Learn the animal kingdom - Funny
a close up of a cat with the caption sup baby girl
A Pawful of Cat Memes Brimming With Feline Humor
6 minuetos
Shit Happens, Funny Things
This prediction which was, sadly, true:
two texts are shown with the same person's name on them, and one is in
a text message that reads, messages mom lol what are those folks called who dress up as animals? furbies?
an image of a man in space suit holding a coffee cup and talking to someone
a woman holding her face in front of an open head with the words skenckare on it
A Chaotic Combination of Mixed-Up Memes