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a black and white poster with the words how long is each animal pregnant? on it
Free Baby Shower Games Printable {Animal Pregnancies} - Paper Trail Design
three crocheted towels wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon, sitting next to each other
a baby's bodysuit with the word loved written on it sits next to silverware and forks
Not Quinn...Hayley!!
pink and white kitchen utensils with tags tied to them
Pano de Prato e Colher de Pau
four lollipops wrapped in plastic bags on a table with tags attached to them
100+ Best DIY Baby Shower Ideas that you can't wait to try
there are many items in the bag on the table that is set up for someone's special occasion
41 Baby Shower Favors That Your Guests Will Love - StayGlam
baby shower centerpieces with pink and yellow flowers
Sweet and Simple Baby Shower Centerpieces
four different colored candles in plastic bags with tags on the top one has a poem written on it
Baby Shower Favours Scented Tealight Candle in tulle Bag. Poem Tag. Gender Reveal Keepsake (QTY 1)