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15 Tips And Tricks On How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

Simple yet pretty eye enlarging makeup tutorial. Also, using white liner on the waterline gives an eye opening effect.

toofaced Chocolate Bar Palette - Salted Caramel (transition), Milk Chocolate (crease), Marzipan (lid), Semi-Sweet (outer V)

Products ✖️ Chocolate Bar Palette Transition Shade: Salted Caramel Crease: Milk Chocolate Lid: Marzipan Outer V: Semi-Sweet AnastasiaBeverlyHills Creme Color/Jet Telescopic Mascara Dipbrow Pomade/Blonde itsgenesys

15 Super Basic Eye Makeup for Beginners

The Naked Basics palette holds the most versatile eyeshadow shades. Here are our four favorite ways for how to use this makeup product to make our eyes stand out!