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a blurry image of a man walking his bike on the street with a pedestrian crossing sign in front of him
Sign (☍)
a man in white lab coat standing on stage with his arms up and hands raised
some police officers are standing in front of a tv
Lolis are the best :D
a stuffed animal with yellow eyes and a tie on it's head that says, my reaction to that information
makimeat saw what u deleted
a woman with long hair laying on a couch next to a white and black cat
two people kissing each other on a subway car with the words my friend friend written above them
Denji & Power •Besties• | ls__h_r on tw ★
a woman standing on top of a fence with clouds in the sky over her head
bonsa on X
a man in a suit and tie holding onto a red piece of art with blood on it
an anime character with black hair wearing a tie and looking at the camera while he has his eyes closed