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You're a wizard, Gatsby!

You're a wizard, Gatsby! --technically it wouldn't be death eaters, Tom wasn't even born until So it would just be evil wizards.

Harry Potter lord of saas.

I love this: HARRY POTTER LORD OF SASS Oh, this is too good. They should have put this in the movie! But actually, I think Harry and Percy are going to have to share the lord of sass throne and crown.

When they carried on their obsession with how some of the practicalities of how Hogwarts worked.

You would think so with all the invisibility charms and the hidden corridors, although it would be quite strange with all the moving paintings

That's exactly what I want to do! I got sorted into Slytherin but I wanted to be a Ravenclaw. I think my sick is half and half.

Very true.>>>I was tempted to do the same when I got Slytherin but then I made my peace with it and figured out some Slytherin qualities in me. But I still feel connected to Ravenclaw as well :-)