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Beau Taplin | Words And Actions ++++++++++++++++++++++ No arguing with that... If they love you, they'll show it.

You made me beg for your time and love and actions,.,you fed me your pretty lies and I accepted them like a fool

Because more than anything, I want to get it right, with somebody who is just as tired of getting it wrong as I am.

Probably one of my favorite posts. "Im looking for somebody who still believes in love "old love" "were in this together love". So I can prove to them that it still exists. So they can prove to me Im not a fool for still believing"

Life Quote

Sometimes you fight for so long,you just have to let it go.As much as you want to keep fighting,you realize you can't win.Maybe in time they'll realize what you did for them.Because sometimes you don't know what you have unless it's gone.

Loving you

You did destroy me for so long. I closed my heart off to love. I didn't want no one but you. So I married a man I didn't love just to get over you and he hated you because in my dreams they was always you and I spoke while I slept.

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