Bianca Dragusin

Bianca Dragusin

Bianca Dragusin
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I'll be happy one day..

sounds like a pretty simple plan :)

#surf #girl

#surf #girl

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She's a saint with the lips of a sinner. — She's an angel with e devilish kiss.

Quiero amanecer cada día en un lugar así

Oceanside,California, and I will say that I will always have a special place in my heart for this awesome kick ass SoCal surf city ya and the waves - jarrod durbin aka makinuskwirtthemost,bigOs

I am your warrior and I will carry us there.

My ideal fairytale - rapunzel but i cut my own hair off so people leave me alone lol

how to wax a surfboard? watch here: sexwax available at planet sports :)

by Raquel Chicheri [surf board wax]


Hell dwellers have black eyes or even earth dwellers going into hell


you make me happy quotes

all day every day More

summer motto, but in my case since I do not live near a beach, it is Eat.

do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction

Anger can swallow you up and eat you whole if you allow it. Next time you feel angry, remember these 11 quotes to get you through it.