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Try out these autumn nails this season and grab compliments from your pals. Have a cool and windy autumn season. Stay smart & beautiful!

It is my birthday. I struggle on my birthday. I like this polish. (a birthday haiku) Essie Petal Pushers is a stormy grey with a strong hint of blue, and in the right light the barest hint of lavender. It is identical in undertone to Essie Cocktail.

Essie On Your Mistletoes -winter 2017

Essie On Your Mistletoes -winter 2017

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Sharing over 30 favorite Christmas and holiday crafts for kids! Children of all ages will love these fun Christmas DIYs--everything from tree ornaments, to gifts, and more are included!

Altier Versace

Atelier Versace Fall 2017 Couture I am always so inspired by couture-the time, detail and skill that go into making just one piece.