The Vampire Diaries and H20 Just Add Water Combined

"Hi" omg it's basically like bye bitch seeing you drown after making you drive in that stupid river, stupid

Paul Wesley

I want to watch TVD so bad I haven't gotten around to it I'm waiting for my friend to OK it because we are obsessed with Twilight

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The Vampire Diaries Stefan,Elena & Damon.I think I've already pinned this a couple times?


Season 5 Main characters and their nicknames . Saint Stefan was Damon nickname for Stefan in the book and my princess of the darkness was Damon's for Elena and little lovely love was stefans for Elena

The Vampire Diaries Funny Moments [TVD Cast at Dragon Con 2012]

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals Joseph Morgan(Klaus) & Ian Somerhalder(Damon), I see it says 'Nate' but I can't see him in this gif soo I don't know.