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a blue dragonfly sitting on top of a green leafy plant with beads in it's wings
"In the Garden"—Dragonfly and Fern
Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye: "In the Garden"—Dragonfly and Fern
a red mailbox sitting in the middle of a field next to a dirt road
Mailbox quilt.. I like the idea of little wood "quilts" for each "holiday of season"
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a road with cars and trucks painted on it
Featured Member Quilts: March 14
Family Trucks Quilt by Cathy Estabrook
a quilted placemat with cars and trucks on it, sitting on the floor
Peak Hour Strip Quilt
Peak Hour Strip Quilt
two owls sitting on a tree branch with blue and gray fabric
Owl Baby Quilt - Etsy
Owl Baby Quilt Whoooo wouldnt love to cuddle with this adorable baby quilt?? It… by puffnstuff39
a red and white quilt with ladybugs on it next to some sandals, a toy
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Ladybug Landing quilt
a quilted wall hanging with different colored animals on it's sides and green squares in the background
a baby quilt that is laying on the floor with it's name written in blue and yellow
I like the strips of color on the top and bottom. Gets away from having to line up things perfectly.
a quilted wall hanging with cars and trucks on it
Coopers Cars
Sweet Ruby Designs: border and layout ideas
two quilts are laying on the grass in front of each other, with cars and trucks on them
Car Quilts
Awesome Idea for a little boy quilt by How to be Jenna! :) Great for a floor mat and matchbox cars !
a fire department emblem on the wall above a tile floor with red and black squares
Home | Home
24" Firefighter Barn Quilt $120
a black and red patchwork design on a white surface with pink flowers in the center
Always Quilting
folded star quilt pattern quilt | Deborah Miller, the pattern designer, made this beautiful Folded Star ...
an orange and purple patchwork quilt with leaves
Quilted Folded Star Hot Pad
two christmas cards, one with a snowflake ornament and the other with a tag
Beautiful folded fabric star in embroidery hoop and apple card by Linda McClain
a close up of a quilt on a bed with a red heart in the middle
What a clever way to dress up the corner of a quilt! Vintage Heart. BOM 2015 Treehouse Textiles