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the ct head anatomy is shown in black and white, with words written on it
Axial slice of a non contrast CT head at the level of the basal ganglia ⁣ ⁣ 👨🏽‍💻The basal ganglia are a group of structures including the…
an x - ray shows the back of a person's head and neck
Cervical Spine Radiographic Anatomy
Lateral radiograph of the cervical spine with labels.
an image of some kind of black and white photo
Vertebral Paget disease with picture frame appearance | Radiology Case |
Picture frame vertebral body is a radiologic appearance in which the cortex of the vertebral body is thickened. This sign can be seen in patients with Paget disease. It is a result of disorganised new cortical bone formation after excessive osteoclastic activity causes the resorption of normal bone. Vertebral Paget's disease with picture frame appearance | Radiology Case |