Quiet book ideas

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the toothbrush holder is made out of felt and has two toothbrushes in it
Валентина Камалова
a woman's hair is being sewn on a piece of fabric
quiet book
a bunch of hair clips on top of a table next to a book with scissors
a paper doll with long white hair and yellow eyes is on a red book cover
a clock made out of felt with buttons on the front and back of it's face
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a close up of a small bag on a white surface with an image of a snail
ASTOLDBYMOM - Me, Myself and My Family
an applique is hanging on a clothes line with laundry and baby items attached to it
Livro sensorial ou Quiet Book
an easter bunny quiet book for kids to sew with the text, free sewing pattern
Easter Bunny Quiet Book Page {Free Pattern + Tutorial} - Felt With Love Designs
an assortment of felt fruits and vegetables on a white wooden table with a book in the background
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