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this should beable to help me when i am drawing,:
Watercolor Fox Art Woodland Painting by SweetPeaAndGummyBear
Comics about my life, first world problems and goofy stuff in general.
How to draw cute button noses in 5 easy steps. Beginner drawing tutorial on
how to draw girl legs
How to draw a fist! harder than you would think... but this helps a lot
Cheat-sheet for drawing girl legs sideways. This is mostly from my own observation, and using the straight/curve principal for appeal in drawing.
Character Drawing Illustration More
Instagram photo by juditmallolart - #inktober day 10! Our wind witch finds hard to control her powers early in the morning before her first cup of coffee ☕️✨
This is one of my people, her name is Jessica, but everyone calls her Jess. She is very shy but loves to sing and act. She can heal people, but hasn't tried it since an accident where she ended up killing her best friend instead of healing him.