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four otters are in the water and one is looking at the camera with its mouth open
The Perfect World. Welcome \O/
a brown and white cow laying down in the snow looking at the camera with it's eyes wide open
precious baby cow🐮
baby cow | cow | cute animals | baby animals | black & white cow | spotted cow
Big amazing fire bird video's
Soo cute 🥰 Give him a name!
Fun Time
Funny animals
cuty parrot 😚
D Queen 👸
a baby giraffe is sitting on some hay
Nine Favorite Things.
Aww 🥰 Soo Cute ❤️
So Cute 🥰🥰
Puppy Parry
caption this 🤣🤣
a large brown bear standing on its hind legs in the air with it's front paws up
Kangaroos love to scratch! ❤️😁