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a white sheep pillow with a pink bow on it's head sitting on a couch
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Sheep Pattern PDF -Count the Sheep Plush Pillow PDF Tutorial How to DIY epattern. $4.99, via Etsy.
a green frog pillow sitting on top of a white bed with two eyes and legs
SALE PDF Epattern for Monkey, Sheep and Frog Pillow Toy Sewing Pattern - Etsy
VENDA PDF ePATTERN parágrafo Sheep Macaco e Sapo POR preciouspatterns
a stuffed panda bear with pink and white flowers on it's head, sitting in front of a white background
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Panda Bear Sewing Pattern Bear Doll Softie Plush Toy PDF Sewing Pattern. $10,00, via Etsy.
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a white surface with one frog wearing a crown
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Frog Sewing Pattern PDF Fairytale Prince by DollsAndDaydreams, $10.00
a pink stuffed animal with big eyes and a heart on it's chest, standing upright
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several pictures of dolls with green hair sitting on a table and one is holding a plant
OK, this isn't felting, but I think it would be fabulous in felt, and is definitely now on my project list.
four little dolls are lined up against a wall
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dolls (not a good link - goes to general Etsy search page and can't find real location, but cute dolls!)
two crocheted teddy bears sitting next to each other
Stip & HAAK
There are some cute free patterns on this site - Stip & HAAK (there is a translate button at the top)