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Glowing skin is in – and as we all know, it’s nearly impossible to achieve due to all the stress, pollution, and bad habits that plague us and show up on our body’s largest organ.

50+ simple things to try that will make your skin glow without makeup

There are plenty of ways to make your skin glow naturally.

Today, we live in a world where we face double standards on a regular basis. What applies to women won’t apply to men and vice versa. What you can get away with when you’re rich might not be the same when you’re poor. We try to be unbiased, but sometimes those biases just sneak in, even if we don’t mean them to.

30+ Double Standard Comics

Double standards can be annoying, but they're definitely a part of life. Here are 35 that we guarantee you can relate to.

Popcorn is a delicious treat that people enjoy many different ways. It’s the perfect snack at the theater but especially during an at-home family movie night.  But, a family in Colorado recently found out the hard way that it’s not a good snack for young children.

Parents Issue Warning After Popcorn Puts Son In Hospital

They're hoping other parents can learn from their mistake.

If you have ever rocked long hair before in your life, then you probably understand what it is like to treasure it. It is truly a commitment in every way: it takes forever to grow out, you need to upkeep with dead ends, and you are definitely spending extra money on shampoo and conditioner just because you have to use so much.

Woman Cuts Off Her Long Locks For An Amazing Short Cut Transformation

She doesn't even look like the same person.

Are you tired of photos that people think look real but are actually fake? Photoshop is neat but there are times you just want something genuine. These photos may look fake but they are as real as can be. You won’t believe what our minds can do. Real One, That Look, Fiction, Photos, Pictures, Photographs, Fiction Writing, Science Fiction

66 Phenomenal Things That Look Fake But Are Real

Are you tired of photos that people think look real but are actually fake? Photoshop is neat but there are times you just want something genuine.

For some people, lightning can be absolutely terrifying – and for good reason! The chances are extremely slim, but if lightning strikes in your vicinity, the odds to be able to tell the story aren’t exactly in your favor – especially if it’s a direct hit.

Mom Films Son Being Hit By Lightning In Heavy Rain

This video is proof that it's never a good idea to let your child play outside during a storm - especially with an umbrella in hand.

When you are on television every day, it makes you an easy target for bullies. They wait for a chance to find something wrong and don’t hesitate to comment on it. Sometimes, they even take something that should be celebrated and enjoyed and try to make it bad.

Prenant Newscaster Kate Fehlinger Has Perfect Response To Bullies

She gave birth to twins and looks amazing.

Remember the movie Wayne’s World? The 1992 comedy has an iconic scene wherein the main characters are out and about in the car and are rocking it out to, “Bohemian Rhapsody“. When it’s on the radio, turn the volume up and sing your heart out.

Girls’ “Bohemian Rhapsody” Performance Gets First Place

The choreography is wonderful.

Birth is one of life’s great miracles. Although we now have plenty of modern science to help us through pregnancy and the recovery period, for most of human history women were on their own when it came to giving birth. In general, we would sneak away to somewhere private with a few helpers and eventually a baby would come out. As part of the community approach to birth, a lot of “folk wisdom” has spread about pregnancy and health—basically a lot of pregnancy myths that are still around…

14 Pregnancy Myths That Science Has Debunked

You may be able to worry just a little bit less throughout your pregnancy.

Kids can be so funny when it comes to drawing, saying, or doing things that are completely innocent, but seem very naughty to our dirty minds.  When they make ceramic taco fish that look suspiciously like lady parts or run around waving the “golden ticket” condom wrapper they picked up off the floor, it’s hard not to spit out your coffee!

50 times kids completely innocent gestures looked totally wrong to adults

Do you see what I see?

In life, sometimes people do or say something that misses the mark. Other times, they’re spot-on. Here, we have 50 times when people on the internet nailed it. Most of these are hilarious, perfect for putting a smile on your face. Check them out and try not to laugh!

50 People Nailing Their Situations In A Funny Way

People of all ages and even animals get in on this.

Kids don’t come with manuals, and sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do as a parent. Many parents think they are doing well by their kids but are actually hurting their confidence, trust, and independence. Here are 11 things that parents do for their kids that they shouldn’t .

11 Things That Good Parents Shouldn’t Do For Their Kids

Are you guilty of these?

Most people put their best faces forward when they’re posting pictures on social media, especially women. They show themselves as beautiful, glamorous, and fit. But women don’t always want to be seen in this light.

75 pretty girls share their ugly selfies & the pics can dupe anyone

These are definitely shutter-worthy.

People, animals, and even inanimate objects change over time. But if you see them regularly, spotting the differences isn’t all that easy. Day in and day out, even over many years, they look much the same to you. But by comparing photos, the things our eyes perceive as subtle suddenly become significant.

66 Things Changing Dramatically Over Time

Time spares nothing and no one.

Nobody ever could have guessed that face masks would become the unwelcome trend of 2020. Now that we’ve all accepted that face coverings will remain an essential until COVID-19 goes away for good, many of us have hunted for a fashionable face mask in the same way we would for a jacket or an umbrella.

Fashion-Forward Dad Matches His Ties To Face Masks And Daughter Can’t Help But Show Him Off

This is genius.

Female students bear the brunt of people’s inability to control their judgment, opinions, and emotions. From unequal dress codes that punish girls with more feminine figures to simply putting the blame on them for how others feel when they look at them, girls just can’t get a break.

Official Strips High School Swimmer Of Win Based On Body Type

People are calling the high-schooler's treatment racist and sexist.