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Fucking Young! » Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013

Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013 - Designer Roberto López Etxeberria presents his latest Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013 menswear line in a luxurious catalog that modernizes tradi.

I sometimes think that if I had no thin lips and blonde short hair could be like her ..... :-P

favourite shot of Angelina ever .hopefully today but pics like this make it attractive. Just watched three seasons of Peaky Blinders and thint the cigarette companies use the movies as they can't advertise anymore.

Brad Pitt & Angrlina Jolie are everything ❤️ More

Brad Pitt & Angrlina Jolie are everything ❤️ More. Please stop calling her the side chick and poor jen, they were together 12 years, twice as long as he was married to ol what's her name.