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two cats and a dog are in the woods with one cat looking at another cat
Longtail VS Rusty by CascadingSerenity on DeviantArt
Longtail and Firepaw when firepaw (rusty) prove himself worthy to train with the apprentices
a drawing of a cat with numbers on it
Longtail by Nizumifangs on DeviantArt
an animal with long tail standing next to the word long tail on it's chest
a sticker with an image of a cat that says long tail on it's face
Warrior Cats Gifts & Merchandise for Sale
an animal with blue eyes is surrounded by pink flowers
false realities by rosebees on DeviantArt
a cat standing in the middle of a snowy forest with another cat behind it looking up
Longtail & Darkstripe
a cat with green eyes and white fur on it's head, looking at the camera
two black and white cats standing next to each other on a green field with mountains in the background
Longtail and Darkstripe - Warrior cats
an image of a tiger and a bear in the water with one on its back
a cat that is standing up with its tail in the air
an animated image of a black and white cat with green eyes standing on its hind legs
Longtail's very long tail
two white horses standing next to each other on a cloudy day with the caption you want to far together
SPOILER ALERT!!This is Longtail saving Fireheart from slipping off a bridge.
an orange and white cat is flying through the air
three cats sitting next to each other with glowing eyes on their faces and one cat looking at the camera
GrayPillow - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt