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What a Wonderful Story : Wendi the Elephant Inspires “Christmas Fostering” at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust With Endearing “Adopt Me” Video

I’m not sure where or why this started, but somehow, galaxy print became super popular. I mean, okay, that’s not entirely true – I can see why it’s happening. Galaxy print, with all of its pretty, perfectly blended blues and purples and blacks, and the addition of shimmery stars or constellations, is just really aesthetically pleasing. It seems like it’s not very accessible, but you would be surprised at how galaxy print can make almost anything look better.

20 Gorgeous Galaxy Print DIY Projects You Didn't Know You Needed

The Secret Window FINE ART PRINT Girl In Castle by Shawna Erback Dreamscapes

The Secret Window Girl In Castle by Shawna Erback, girl sitting in castle tower window, looking at birds flying in sky,