Continuity is the reference to ground, shapes, or objects that are perceived as similar or perceived as one. Continuity is a Gestalt concept that refers to the…
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a long line of concrete blocks sitting on top of a body of water under a cloudy sky
Top 10 Black and White Long Exposure Photographers | MONOVISIONS - Black & White Photography Magazine
Top 10 Black and White Long Exposure Photographers | MONOVISIONS
a very tall white building sitting on top of a lush green field under a blue sky
Gerry Judah ha creado JACOB’S LADDER para un Parque de Esculturas de Nueva Zelanda
Revista en línea independiente dedicada al diseño, arquitectura y arte, ofrece novedades en interiorismo, tecnología y tips.
a sculpture made out of rocks sitting on top of a stone slab
40 idées et + de décorations à réaliser avec de simples pierres
an image of a very long hallway with lights
A56 - Mayakovskaya Metro Station - Moscow slides/IMG_1918M.jpg
Estación de metro Mayakovskaya - Moscú
a white paper sculpture sitting on top of a table
Curved form
Curved form | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
two people are standing in front of a circular pattern on the wall with their hands together
Berenice Abbott’s Stunning Vintage Black-and-White Photographs of Scientific Phenomena
black and white photograph of person standing on top of stairs in an office building, looking up at the ceiling
Standing Elements
Vogelvluchtperspectief: Als je vanaf een hoog punt kijkt, ligt de horizon hoog.
an upward view of the top of a building with wavy lines in black and white
Get Inspired by Modern Architecture Projects!
the stairs are made out of concrete and have been placed in front of a wall
an intricately designed metal plate with many designs on it's surface, in blue and orange hues
Stock Photos, Stock Photography | Buy Images on Depositphotos
a circular mirror mounted to the side of a wall with blue and silver balls hanging from it
Sky gaze circle • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson
Sky gaze circle • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson
a white spiral staircase in an art gallery
Modern Staircases Like You've Never Seen
This luxurious looking staircase would be lovely for any unique and modern home
an old roof that has been gutted with rust
Clay Tiles
Perfect shot to show how unders and overs work... and why they were given their name Clay Tiles on a Christian Mission - by kman5847, via Flickr
a close up view of a green cactus
Ruthie's Saguaro, Verticals
a rock formation with several white rocks on it
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a spiral staircase is in the middle of an open courtyard with tall buildings behind it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Infinite Staircase by Olafur Eliasson
an old clock with a quote on it that says, one always has time enough if one will apply it well
Antique Time Spiral
Fractal - Spiralen
a spiral stained glass window in the center of a room with light streaming through it
an elaborately designed staircase in a building
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a circular room
Img.2 The hotel lobby The Fontenay, designed by the Störmer Murphy and Partners studio
a black and white photo of a person standing in the middle of a room with stairs
MiP on Twitter
ElsaMaria on Twitter: "© Khoa Vu #architecture #concept #light… "
a group of mushrooms sitting on top of green moss covered ground
an image of a spiral staircase in a building
Escalier... du Chateau de La Rochefoucault - Léonard de VINCI - curieuxdetrucs
an artistic sculpture in front of a building with water running through it and rocks on the ground
This "Healing Garden" Was Added To A Medical Center In Los Angeles
AHBE Landscape Architects have designed the new Healing Gardens and terrace for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.
a large wooden object sitting in the middle of a building
an overhead view of some stairs with railings on each one and another handrail
An orange moody stairwell taken from a top view by Kristen Curette Hines – Stocksy United #architecture #stairwell #sto… – staircase
a spiral staircase in an old building
empty light by PatiMakowska on DeviantArt
empty light by on @deviantART
a spiral staircase in an old building with white bricks and metal railings, viewed from the bottom
Gallery of The Waterhouse at South Bund / Neri&Hu Design and Research Office - 12
josef gocar @ House of the Black Madonna - Prague [1911–1912] by d.teil, via Flickr
an art piece is displayed on the instagram page
workman's tumblr
an aerial view of a garden with rocks and plants in the center, surrounded by greenery
How to Create a Garden Path
a circular design made out of leaves on the ground in front of some tree trunks
Land Artist Arranges Stones and Leaves Into Mesmerizing Mandalas and Spirals
Specializing in land art, James Brunt uses natural materials to create eye-catching ephemeral art, from stone spirals to mandalas made of sticks and leaves.
an image of some rocks in the water
Stenen mandala op het strand
a spiral stair case in an old building with blue and gold paint on the walls
Viaje por un sueño a través de la fotografía de Felicia Simion - Cultura Inquieta
a spiral staircase in an old building
Chambord Spiral Staircases
The spiral staircases of Chambord, France
an aerial view of a circular object in the desert
La spirale du Sahara
The Sahara spiral In Egypt, between the sea and the desert, three women brought up Desert Breath sand. A work that the history of land art had forgotten ... until a satellite rediscovered it.
the view from below looking up at a tall building with a circular hole in it
the ceiling is made up of multicolored glass blocks
Yahoo - login
an old building with stone walls and ceiling, lights on either side of the stairs
Christ Church,Oxford(Harry Potter)
Christ Church,Oxford(Harry Potter) - #Christ #ChurchOxfordHarry #oxford #Potter
a red building with stairs leading up to the second floor and another staircase in front of it
a spiral staircase with a circular window in the center
a spiral staircase with white chairs and a circular mirror
a person standing on the top of a spiral stair case in a building with blue and yellow mosaic tiles
Account Temporary On Hold
Il giro del mondo con le scale - parte 2 | fourfancy Magazine
an old staircase with wrought iron railings and a window on the top one floor
Я живу в Доме Бака на Кирочной улице (Петербург)
Я живу в доме Бака на Кирочной улице (Петербург) — The Village
an overhead view of a spiral staircase with a light bulb
Inception by Rudolf Brosztl on 500px
the sun is setting over the ocean with waves
Beach sunset android wallpaper
Beach sunset android wallpaper #wallpaper #iphone #android #background #followme
an abandoned train track in the middle of a city with no people or vehicles on it
21 Forgotten | Abandoned | Staircase Left Alone to Die
The difference in these architectures is great to see and each place tells its own story. The staircase is such an important part of a building connecting floors with each other.
an artistic sculpture made out of wire on a white surface with no one in it
a tall building with many windows and balconies on the top of it's sides
Nude offices
a long path made out of sticks on top of the ground with water in the background
Andy Goldsworthy
a spiral staircase in an old building
Inner staircase of the Baron Empain Palace tower a historic Indian-inspired mansion in Heliopolis, a suburb northeast of central Cairo, Egypt.
an empty hallway with long shadows on the wall
fiore-rosso: Akira Sakamoto Architect & Associates.
a spiral staircase in a building with intricate designs
a man is walking through a large circular tunnel in the middle of an office building
aesthetic goddess
San Diego, taken 2009, source
an aerial view of a spiral staircase in a building with white walls and black floors
Gemini #4
an aerial view of a spiral staircase in a brick building with arched windows and a clock tower
Spiral stairs inside the abandoned Łapalice Castle...
Spiral stairs inside the abandoned Łapalice Castle / Poland (by krzych_m).
an image of a spiral staircase in a house
an old rusty chain is shown close up