Lucian Chiricuta

Lucian Chiricuta

Lucian Chiricuta
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Adolfo Abejon

Venice is a porcelain lampshade that quickly turns a simple ceiling light point into a luminaire. Just secure the small safety part onto the wire by adjusting the set screw and place the lampshade over it. This way you will enjoy warm light anywhere in yo

Wooden desk lamp “Metamorfozis II, No 12”, paper mache desk lamp, paper pulp lamp, plaster shade, paper pulp shade, table lamp, modern, eco - EUR69.00

Desk Lamp You are going to buy this? Desk Lamp Wish List: Desk Lighting Sustainable Desk Lamp "Quercus" by Max Ashford Original 1227 Desk Lamp Le

Faceted rolled desk LED lamp Octagon-1 on Behance

Faceted rolled desk LED lamp Description Table rolled lamp with faceted concrete base and a flat wooden hull.