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some decorated cookies are on a table
Shadee Gray on Instagram: "Halloween Collection 2023 🍪🎃👻🍪🎃👻🍪🎃👻 . Living for the pastel Halloween vibe this year. Got me some specialty shapes and loving this season of color, witchy tones, and chilly weather. . Pre-sales for Halloween orders available on Website! Get at em before the sale closes out. . Also! If you want the cutters to make your own cookies! I have them listed as well. As well as transfer sheets and supplies for more do it yourself. 🙌 Happy Hall
an assortment of craft supplies including a roll of paper, scissors, and other items
Modern Christmas Decor, Candles & Gifts 2024 - Hudson Grace
HG Holiday Crackers – Hudson Grace
blue and white decorated eggs in a basket
Czech Easter Eggs
Hand-painted Easter Eggs from The Czech Republic. Unknown photo credit.
six eggs with holes in them sitting on some hay and straw, one has green trim around the edges
Czech Easter Eggs
Hand-painted with delicate punched out designs. Unknown photo credit.