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Kdrama Recommendation Chart

They forgot "Fated To Love You" on this list. It's my number 1 kdrama (so far) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kdrama Recommendation Chart. I would add Cruel City to the action chart as well as a bunch of others.


Wonwoo - It seems like he's a big reader. that's very attractive, especially on such a young man.

Height Chart : Vernon

Height Chart : Vernon The boy who oozes charisma on stage but then he's actually a cinnamon roll ➡ Eu sou mais alta que eleeeeeee

Height Chart : Jun

Height Chart : Jun Our baobei who just never has a bad hair day and always swerves into other peoples lanes . Also his style is always on fleek

Height Chart : The8

Height chart for Height charts are like my favorite thing ever Eu sou mais alta que meu bias Lalalalalla~

Height Chart : Joshua - 1.77 cm

Height Chart : Joshua Aquele momento que você é mais alta que ele *-*

Height Chart : Mingyu

Height Chart : Mingyu Finally an idol who I'm not as tall as being tall isn't fun people