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The launch event for Ferrari brought in nice people, fast cars and a great evening.


My personal experience with Windows What issues you may have and should you upgrade.


IoT - The Internet of things - Bodescu.

social 1

Social 1 is a new place where you can sample good cuisine, see an 1980 modernized architecture and interior design while socializing over a Spritz.


How to setup Magento fees using a custom total, which will afterwards be carried over in invoices and credit memos.


Magento programmatically creating attribute sets, attribute groups and attribute and how to assign them.


Project Ara Sales start in Puerto Rico - Bodescu.

SQL vs NOSQL, The SQL+ era

When and why you should use NOSQL or SQL. Advantages and disadvantages of storage types.

Read all about it! New hardware and new software for your mobile needs.

Ever heard of Ubuntu Phone or Sailfish or Firefox OS or Project Ara? New mobile operating systems and hardware. Read all about it!

Memory object caching folosind Memcached pentru Magento si Drupal pe CentOS/Redhat

Memcached setup and optimization for different platforms. Magento and Drupal setup.

Nu e asa ca va doriti o aplicatie completa pentru trafic, mai ales daca aveti prieteni care ar putea sa va notifice din timp de pericolele de pe sosea?

A small post about holiday roads, involving traffic, radars and what we can do to make it easier for everyone.