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Queen Marie of Romania, nee Princess of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Queen Marie of Romania – who was the daughter of Prince Albert, Duke of Edinburgh.

Princesses Marie (Missy) and Victoria Melita (Ducky) of Edinburgh.  The sisters were maternal 1st cousins to Nicholas and paternal 1st cousins to Alexandra.  Ducky was also Alexandra's sister-in-law for seven years.  Later, she married her and Nicholas' 1st cousin Grand Duke Kyrill, the son of their uncle Grand Duke Vladimir.  A tangled family tree!  Kyrill proclaimed himself head of the House of Romanov after the assassination of Nicholas.

Princesse Marie, later Queen of Romania and her sister Princess Victoria Melita - Coburg November 1890

Queen Marie of Romania / Mamma Regina

As a child, Marie had shown all the instincts of an actress and it flowered in Romania where she chose brilliantly embroidered peasant dress for daywear.

Queen Marie of Romania

Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania. One of the loveliest royals of her generation, Marie defended her country and gained significant lands after WWI.