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an empty room with no one in it, and the wall is painted white to match the floor
Make Your Own Glowyboard - Ancient Wisdom Productions Inc
a whiteboard with writing written on it in an office space next to a window
DIY Glass Dry Erase Board
a glass table topped with a laptop computer next to a white cup and marker board
21 Themed Home Office Ideas For Your Workspace In 2024
a close up of a glass shelf with buttons on it
a woman writing on a whiteboard in a room with a black table and chair
Clearboard ∙ Large - White Bolts / Black
Brainstorm and plan everything in a minimalistic style. Perfect for home and the office. Step aside whiteboards, there's a new CLEAR kid in town. Give your office the makeover it deserves! Suitable to write on with any chalk pen or whiteboard marker - just wipe clean with a soft cloth and you are sorted. Level up your clearboard game with a stick on week planner - shop here: View other sizes here: Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 Material: 8mm clear perspex Weight: 8kg Finish: Polished edges Details: 8x
a white wall with some writing on it
2017 Office Trend: Writable Walls
four different types of linens stacked on top of each other
ECHTGORDIJN | Verduisterende gordijnen van wit tot zwart in je slaapkamer!
the curtain is closed and ready to be hung
Mooie realisatie met de 902 rails door Algemene Decoratie Ghyselen Björn.