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Throughout life, people come across things that can make it more difficult. Fortunately for most, they are resourceful enough to come up with a solution to the problem. Some people, though, go above and beyond, coming up with ingenious hacks that we all wish we had thought of first.

50+ people who are too clever to ever have a difficult life

Some people are just way too smart fro society!

Even the most careful people forget things sometimes. Where we put our keys. That we have some food cooking on the stove. This can be quite a nuisance. Or it can end up a big problem. But not always.

75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it

Not paying attention has never been so amusing.

The expression “It’s all a matter of taste” is true — most of the time. Sure, we all have different ways of dressing, doing our hair, and decorating our homes. But now and then, you run across something you know defies the saying. Some things are so tacky, ugly, and horrible, you can say definitively — it’s NOT a matter of taste. It’s just plain tasteless.

75 times people’s taste was questionable, but their execution was flawless

We can’t decide if we love these or hate them.

Life as a short person has its challenges. Challenges that regular-sized people just don’t understand. Being short also has its advantages. But oftentimes it’s a real pain in the ass. Going to concerts, looking in mirrors, and buying clothing. Seems easy enough right?

75 of the worst things about being short

The short people struggle is real.

Originally appearing on the UK show 15 Kids And Counting in 2012, the Radfords were already one of the largest families on the continent but that didn’t stop mama Radford, Sue, from continuing to get pregnant and grow their not-so-little family even more. In 2013, the family announced that they would be giving birth to their 17th child!

Woman Pregnant With 17th Child At The Same Time As Her Daughter— And It’s Not The First Time

Prepare to meet Sophie Radford as she discusses the joys of being pregnant with her second baby with mom, Sue Radford, who's pregnant with her 17th!

There’s no doubt about it – parenting is tough. And fathers sometimes get a bad reputation for being less involved than their mom counterparts. But that’s absolutely not true!

40 Cool dads that are sweeter than candy

Fair warning, this will make you miss your dad!

Staying in a hotel is almost always an adventure. It might be a wonderful experience, meaning that you enjoy a perfect vacation spot complete with all the amenities you could hope for. Or it might be terrible, with showers that don’t work, creepy paintings on the walls, and way too many windows in the bathroom.

75 funny hotel design fails we couldn’t make up if we tried

Staying in hotels can get weird.

Dads are known to be overprotective with their daughters. Some of them also happen to have an amazing sense of humor. Like the ones you’ll see here.

40 overprotective dads that boyfriends should beware of

Do NOT get on their bad side!

There are some things in life that you just can’t unsee. Once you see them, it’s over. That image is burned into your mind for the rest of your life.

65 missed details in photos people hilariously exploited

Once you see these photos, there's no going back.

On the internet, we can be anything we choose to be. Thanks to tools like Photoshop, that is more than just possible. So, do we go smaller, do we go bigger, or do we go for a poreless look? Or do we do our best to be our authentic selves and admit that we all have flaws that make us uniquely beautiful?

60 people whose Instagram photos are so fake we can't help but laugh

We all want to look out best. However, there is a point at which people go too far with filters and Photoshop. These 60 have gone way past that point.

The early days of the United States were truly a different era, and it’s crazy how much things have changed over the years. These vintage ads that were commonplace and normal at the time they were produced are so unbelievably offensive now that it’s hard to imagine we’re still living in the same country. They are not only shocking but kind of hilarious at the same time… in a bad way that is.

50 Vintage Ads That Would Definitely Be Banned Today

At the time, these were the norm.

You’re a lucky person if you take a photo that wows the crowd. Most people live with candid shots and professional photoshoots. But others are fortunate enough to capture something that leaves us scratching our heads, in a good way.

64 Entertaining Photos That May Baffle Your Eyes

These photos are so baffling that you'll be studying them for an extended period of time. Can you figure them all out?

Parenting is an emotional process, one that never ends. Even when you’re sitting on the toilet doing your business, your kids will obnoxiously barge in and ask for help with something unreasonably suited for the moment. Amidst all the stressful, messy, troublesome, unreasonable and crazy moments our attention-hogging, sugar-loving and mischievous-causing kids stir up, they’re worth every ounce of trouble (sometimes) and we’ll always love them (most of the times).

26 Hilarious Comics Every Parent Can Relate To

These are comics any parent can relate to.

Nature’s beauties are an endless source of inspiration for everyone but sometimes, nature can play tricks on us and produce nightmare-inducing sights. These 40 extraordinary photos we’ve prepared for you will convince you there’s a darker side of Mother Nature.

40 freaky sights in nature that made us yell 'nope'

Nature is a force to be reckoned with.

Kids don’t come with manuals, and sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do as a parent. Many parents think they are doing well by their kids but are actually hurting their confidence, trust, and independence. Here are 11 things that parents do for their kids that they shouldn’t .

11 Things That Good Parents Shouldn’t Do For Their Kids

Are you guilty of these?

Couples can make the rest of us roll our eyes. From their gooey-eyed looks at each other, to being forced to listen to the story of how they met for the fifth time, people in love just have to show it off.

35+ Hilarious Relationship Things That You Should Send To Your Significant Other Right Now

Relationships are tough, but the best ones are worth it. Here are 37 keys to the good life with your partner.