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a statue of a bear wearing a british outfit and holding a suitcase in his hand
Paddington in London
a red double decker bus driving down a street with flags hanging from it's sides
don't call me betty
London ~
a statue of a bear with a hat on it's head in front of an escalator
Travel theme: Connections
Paddington Station, London - statue of Paddington, the bear
a teddy bear wearing rain boots and a red hat sitting on the step next to a pair of rubber boots
Fly the flag for Britain with these Union Jack interiors
paddington bear
a pink store front with white chairs and potted plants
Pink exterior color welcomes customers into this bakery
the moon is setting over tower bridge in london
20 International Destinations Reflected On Water |
London, United Kingdom
many people are walking around in the rain with umbrellas and buildings on either side
The Rows, Chester
Chester is one of English history's greatest gifts to the contemporary visitor. Its red-sandstone wall, which today gift-wraps a tidy collection of Tudor and Victorian buildings, was built during Roman times. The town was then called Castra Devana, and was the largest Roman fortress in Britain... Read more:
a red boat traveling down a river next to a lush green forest
16 Places You'll Hardly Believe Are In The United Kingdom
United Kingdom
several white swans swimming in the water under an old bridge with buildings on either side
The High Bridge in Lincoln, is the oldest bridge in the United Kingdom which still has buildings on it.
the outside of a restaurant with tables and chairs
Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume
The Old Vine, Winchester, England
a pink building on the corner of a street
Simply Supplier Spotlight: The FABULOUS Peggy Porschen Cakes.. Yuuuummmm
Peggy Porschen Cakes | London
a black car driving down a street next to a tall building with a clock tower in the background
Romantic Heart & Soul
two benches covered in snow next to the river thames and big ben, london england
London England
a person holding a sheet with a lit candle on it in front of music sheets
Candlelight Evening Prayer