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a drawing of a man playing drums with his hair blowing in the wind while sitting down
Lars Ulrich8 by geum-ja1971 on DeviantArt
Lars Ulrich8 by geum-ja1971
an image of a group of people in front of a paper with the words madjacks on it
metal cave - 8
three women sitting at a table with plates of food in front of them and one woman talking on the phone
Run to Iron Maiden
a man with long hair holding a bass guitar in front of a purple sky filled with lightning
four different pictures of the same person playing guitar
four women standing around a yellow table with bottles on it and a dog laying in front of them
a drawing of a man holding a microphone next to a drawing of a woman with long hair
a group of people standing on top of each other in front of a crowd with guitars
four different pictures of the same person with long hair and wearing a top hat, looking like a demon
a poster with different types of women on it's sides and the words would i fight this member?
guys i did a thing