George Bărcan

George Bărcan

Sa poti sa crezi cand unii te inseala Sa te ridici cand alti te doboara Sa poti pastra ce unii pot s-alunge Sa poti sa razi cand sufletul iti plange Ca
George Bărcan
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Елена Иванова

Tree of Nerves Pen Drawing This drawing symbolizes the connection between humans and nature. We all have all these fancy technology now but our roots wi. Tree of Nerves Pen Drawing

Puzzle Sphere Pendant

Puzzle Sphere Pendant No matter how complicated it may be, it’s still beautiful!

Melting Moon

Melting Moon: I don't know if this is a real picture, but it doesn't matter. Take me to where the moons melts into the waterfall, where laughter never ceases, where love is always present, where there is no room for hate.

a tiny wireless memory card. It stores photos and fits inside a camera just like a regular SD card, but also has built-in WiFi transceiver that can upload images to your computer, smartphone or to various photo-sharing sites. We use one here when taking pictures for our tutorials — it’s a great timesaver, eliminating the extra USB transfer step that’s otherwise necessary.

DIY: Make a Motion Sensored Spy Camera Here’s an advanced tutorial on making a DIY spy camera that can remotely upload photos to your computer via an Eye-Fi.