Barbu Annelise

Barbu Annelise

Barbu Annelise
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Cool Fountain, I love this!

Alice in wonderland Suihkulhde Helsingin Taidemuseon pihassa. Kalle Hamm - ) Tee for two Situated in the garden of the Art Museum Meilahti, Helsinki Finland.

New Study: Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe

This artist's concept illustrates a supermassive black hole with millions to billions times the mass of our sun. Supermassive black holes are enormously dense objects buried at the hearts of galaxies. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Fairy dress

Forest Dreams wedding dress from 2011 Papilio bridal collection, Russia - Flare long to short petal skirt gown in light yellow or cream -- Papilio 2011 Wedding Dresses