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Star Trek: USS Enterprise -- under construction! Can't wait for the third movie to get under construction!

PowerA Star Trek iPhone 5 Case

PowerA recently released its latest protective case series for iPhone If you're a faithful fan of Star Trek, the three Star Trek iPhone 5 cases should be abl

Exclusive never-before-seen photos from inside J.J. Abrams Enterprise

Exclusive never-before-seen photos from inside J.J. Abrams' Enterprise

Bad Robot releases high-resolution images of Star Trek Star Ship Enterprise's bridge

Holy crap, I need this!!! I'll sit in it while I watch TV, and my Batman cut-out can stand next to me, pretending to be Number Two.

ThinkGeek - Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair - What fan of James T. Kirk wouldn't love this fun chair. What's the weight limit for this blowup Captain's chair?

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I hope La Forge's Visor is next.

I hope La Forge's Visor is next.

Star Trek: predicting the future since 1966 (except what's up with the 1973 flip phone? Looks like a pretty big typo to me.

NX-01 bridge

Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority: Star Trek: Enterprise - Set Photos - The Bridge

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Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) and Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley) - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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