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some cards and earrings are laying on the table next to each other with playing cards in front of them
Upcycled Playing Card Club Earrings Black and White - Etsy UK
the necklace is adorned with charms and beads
a necklace with a button attached to it
Button Hole Lariat Necklace
Button Hole Lariat Necklace, Nina Gibson
an image of a piece of jewelry that is on a black background with the caption below it
Stocking up for Junkstock!
three different bracelets on someone's arm
an assortment of jewelry is displayed on top of a piece of newspaper with writing utensils
Merry Mart preview - Mixed Media Jewelry!
the back of a pink couch covered in lots of necklaces and brooches
these lovely necklaces are made from old belt buckles dating back to the 20's and before. One of a kinds and Antique! We add to the collection all the time but when is sold it cannot be replaced as it was. These are special!
a silver and blue necklace sitting on top of a wooden table
several necklaces are arranged on a table
Belt Buckle Pendants
an old key is attached to a necklace
This Ivy House
an old key is attached to a chain with beads and charms hanging from it's end
altered vintage key ooak
a necklace with a clock and charms attached to it