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Self assessment- worst enemy

Self assessment- worst enemy Its inseparable from us.<<>> if any of you feel depressed please please talk to me , i will listen. All of you are beautiful and i dont want you to feel this way about yourself- for real :messege me guys❤

Yeah I didn't think so.

Would you look at me the same if you saw all my scars, if you knew all my pain?you wouldn't. I'm sorry I'm such a mess, I really am, because I love you and want to be who you want me to be. But you don't know the real me, and it's killing me.

I'm fine

I'm ugly. I'm more of an idiot. I'm not worth it, i'm empty, there's nothing within me. I'm hopeless, everything already stopped.

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True too much pain to care Anymore Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide

But whose the one to jump in the water and save me?

Save me 'cause I can never float sinking; amaze me and I would be there holding on for save me"- "Save" The Rocket Summer