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Minimalist Paintings by Erin Cone | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Minimalist Paintings by Erin Cone

reginasworld: “ Erin Cone creates beautiful paintings that combine realism, abstract elements and a minimalist tone.


Sunrise over Llanganuco Valley, Cordillera Blanca, Peru by Eric Hodges (Beauty Landscapes Wanderlust)

Futur Couture | Artist / Künstler: Matt Wisniewski |

Matt Wisniewski's photo collages combine vintage and contemporary photography to make beautiful and surreal portraits. Using mixed media images that are beautifully refreshing. His digital art collages create a stunning fashion and nature mash-up

Royal Red

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Into the Fog by Bryson Gibbons

900 feet above Toronto's Financial District, looking down on the fog-covered city.