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Argo, Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Heroes

Nico and Hazel

I'm pretty sure the whole Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fandom agrees that Nico di Angelo derserves a big hug every minute of every day.

Percy Jackson, Uncle Rick, Percabeth

Nico is one of my favorites, I don't like him being gay though.

Nico used to be one of my favorites, I don't like him being gay. It kinda makes me sad actually.<< well you liked him befor and he is still the same person he used to be in the original PJO books.++ If you hate on Nico di Angelo, you're as good as dead

Nico di Angelo. LOOK AT THE GIF is there a way you can save these? Anybody please comment :)

"I’m the son of Hades, Jason. I might as well be covered in blood or sewage, the way people treat me. I don’t belong anywhere." This is honestly the best Nico art I've seen so farf Viria is amazing!