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Cat Hacks Every Crazy Cat Lady Needs to Know - Crazy Cat Lady

As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, I've learned a thing or two. Here are some of the best cat hacks we've found to make our furbabies a little happier.

10 Types of Succulents That Do Well Indoor

Succulents make a cute plant corner in every house. Yet not every place has enough sunlight for the light sensitive succulents that will grow “leggy” from lacking of light. Still, succulents are versatile plants, there’re species that love sunlight and can stand heat up to 50F while others can live well outdoor or indo

Child and Pet Safe Houseplants: 6 Non-Toxic Indoor Plants

If you have concerns about keeping poisonous houseplants, invest in a few family friendly, non-toxic indoor plants.

20 Air Purifying Houseplants Safe for Dogs + Cats - Sarah Blooms

These Low-Maintenance Air-Purifying Houseplants are safe for dogs, cats, and kids, making them the perfect addition to any home!

How to Grow Houseplants without Harming Your Pets

Want to spruce up your home without worrying about the health and safety of your pet? Follow this guide to learn which plants are safe and which to avoid!

DIY Cat Herb Garden

Simple and easy-to-follow steps for a DIY cat herb garden that your felines will be sure to love! Get this list of safe herbs for your cats to enjoy!

Don’t call it a cage. It’s a catio.

To keep cats and birds safe, more people are constructing elaborate and screened outdoor areas for the family feline. Do you have one? Send us a photo.

Looking How To Make An Amazing Diy Indoor Cat Gardenthe Anti, 42+ Indoor Cat Garden Ideas To Get You Inspired

Looking How To Make An Amazing Diy Indoor Cat Gardenthe Anti on Garden 42+ Indoor Cat Garden Ideas To Get You Inspired

17 Beautiful Houseplants Safe For Cats (With Pictures) - Smart Garden Guide

Guide to the most beautiful houseplants safe for cats. The best flowering and non-flowering houseplants to enjoy safely in a home with cats.

cat balcony

In the spring, I promised to show pictures of our balcony after the work on the house was finished. So, to start with where I left, this w...

How to Make a DIY Indoor Cat Garden | The Anti-June Cleaver

Many houseplants and flowers can be toxic to cats, but you can make a safe DIY indoor cat garden instead. I'll show you how! Your cats will love it.

How to Grow Cat Grass {without dirt}

One of the easiest ways you can keep your cat healthy, is to offer them Cat Grass along with their food. I'm excited to share with you How to Grow Cat Grass without Dirt and why it's important.

Make a Cat Grass Garden with Herbs Cats Can Eat

Does your cat eat grass outside? Is your cat trying to eat plants inside your home that aren't safe? Make your own cat grass garden with herbs that cats can eat safely.

Herb Garden for Cats

Herb Garden for Cats | Bring the outside in for your indoor cat. Herbs that are healthy and safe for your cat |

life on the balcony

I have never had a garden. My first opportunity came six years ago when I moved into a tiny flat with a small balcony. I wanted to grow everything! Soon I had to own up to what seemed the sad reality of little light and little space. The balcony faces west and any possible sunlight is shaded by tall birch trees. Over the years I have come to love shade-loving or at least shade-tolerating plants such as fuchsia, begonia, coleus, fern… …and my absolute favorite - hosta. Apart from many plants…