Dacian warriors

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Roman Emperor Trajans war with the Dacians ~ the massacre of a Dacian village by Legio XXX - art by Angus McBride Roman History, Art History, Military Art, Military History, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Celtic Culture, Man Of War, Historical Art

Eric Pinzelli

MILITARY LEADER OF THE DAY: TRAJAN. Marcus Ulpius Trajanus was born on 18 September at Italica near Seville, most likely in the year AD 52. His Spanish...

Other weapons and armor, different from the above table - Giovanni Battista Piranesi Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Italian Baroque, History Page, 1st Century, First Humans, Roman Empire, Romania, Weapons

Roma Surrectum 2 Faction Preview - The Dacians


Illustrations of Dacia, Thracia Phrygia Image Salvage) - Forum - DakkaDakka Iron Age, The Black Library, Samurai, Tribal Images, Celtic Warriors, Medieval Knight, 2017 Images, Picts, British History

Варвары древней Европы

Здесь выкладываются реконструкции и иллюстрации, изображающие воинов Арминия и Верценгеторикса, армии кельтских и германских племен, даков, пиктов ...

Unpainted Unassembled Mini Figure Model Kit Miniature Toy Dacian Warrior for sale online Medieval, Roman History, Greek Art, Figure Model, Bronze Age, Ancient Art, Vikings, Antiques, Romania

Dacian Warrior, II cen. A.D.

Dacian Warrior, II cen. A.D. - Art Girona White Metal Figures

Dacian Pileati by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña. The “Pileati” where the Aristocratic Warrior Elite of the Dacians. Character Inspiration, Character Art, Character Design, Historical Art, Historical Pictures, Iron Age, Ancient Armor, Greek Warrior, Celtic Warriors

Дакийски воин, въоръжен със фалкс/ Dacian warrior with falx, by José Daniel Cabrera Peña