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a rubber stamp with a bee and flower on it
Bumble Bee Stamp
a hand holding up a piece of paper with the moon painted on it's side
Crescent Moon Linocut Art Print No. 3 - Original Hand Carved Block Print - Garden Illustration Wall
a stamp with a bee on it next to some tools
Save the Bees, Trees, Seas linocut T-shirt // delightfully chaotic co
a black and white drawing of a person hanging upside down in the air above flowers
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a hand holding the sun and moon with stars around it in black and white ink
Vintage Fortune Teller Hand Palmistry Diagram Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 726478048 | Shutterstock
three sun and moon faces with their faces drawn in black ink on a white background
"Vintage Solar Eclipse Sun and Moon" Poster for Sale by Magnetic Pajama
an image of a butterfly drawn on a notepad with the caption instagram
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