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Toph humor.

Avatar The Last Airbender Toph Earthbending Why did I choose earthbending? Toph Bei Fong (Jessie Flower) Earthbending Toph Avatar The .

why we love avatar

why we love avatar -- b/c Toph is a BA, intelligent, logical, awesome, screw-your-selfish-bitchin'-and-get-with-the-program beast!

Avatar rings.

Rings for each element in Avatar: the last airbender (atla air fire water earth aang korra four elements greek metal elemental jewelry four nations fandom white lotus ootwl air nomad fire nation earth kingdom water tribe) THE GEEK IN ME

The Legend of Korra/ Last Airbender

Aang: (about Sokka's sand sculpter ) Is that a blubbering blob monster? Sokka: No, it's Suki. ( insert stare ) Toph: Suki, we'll all understand if you break up with him over this. Suki: I think it's sweet.

Avatar Fun Facts!

Although the dropping of the title The Last Airbender: LOK, if I remember correctly was because, as the fandom pointed out, it didn't make sense. (Korra isn't the last airbender.