Bijoux polymère

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many different types of earrings are displayed on a white surface with black and gold accents
White marble collection Friday October 23rd
In love with all colour combinations - polymer clay earrings with gold leaves
two wooden earrings with floral designs on them sitting next to a plant in a glass vase
Clay earrings
marble and black earrings on a wooden tray
42 Brincos dos anos 60 estão de volta
the black and gold earrings are on display next to other jewelry pieces, including one hoop earring
six pairs of gold and blue earrings on a white platter with pine branches in the background
a collection of earrings and pendants on a white surface with gold circles around them
Terrazzo collection Friday October 23rd
a pair of black and white earrings on top of a piece of paper next to a plant
Black marbled polymer clay circle dangle earrings
a wicker basket filled with lots of different types of pins and buttons on top of a wooden floor
six pairs of earrings with seashells hanging from the bottom one on each earring