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Dacian warrior with helmet dating from the second century C., reproduced from a relief of the base of Trajan's column. Iron Age, Ancient Armor, Hellenistic Period, Armor Clothing, Knight Armor, Dark Ages, Ancient Romans, Roman Empire, Ancient History

Dacian helmet, worn by Dacian reenactor Andrei Mihai (Oroles) dating from the second century C.E., reproduced from a relief of the base of Trajan's column.

Dacian Gold helmet from Cucuteni, Dacia, BC, 70 pieces of gold weighting kg. National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest. Elmo, European Tribes, Ancient Armor, Central And Eastern Europe, Gold Ornaments, National Museum, National History, Ancient Artifacts, Before Us

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The Dacians and Getae were part of the big Thracian family that lived in South-Eastern Europe over 2000 years ago. The Dacians and the Getae from North of Danube river were united by Burebista in 8…

Roman Emperor Trajans war with the Dacians ~ the massacre of a Dacian village by Legio XXX - art by Angus McBride Roman History, Art History, Military Art, Military History, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Celtic Culture, Man Of War, Historical Art

La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 510

Un lugar para publicar y analizar los cuadros de las grandes batallas de la humanidad, desde la antigua Grecia hasta la invencion del cine a sido el unico mo…

Illustrations of Dacia, Thracia & Phrygia Image Salvage) - Forum - DakkaDakka Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Iron Age, Romanian People, Tribal Images, Wolf Warriors, History Page, Knife Art, 2017 Images

Illustrations of Dacia, Thracia & Phrygia (2017 Image Salvage) - Forum

Other weapons and armor, different from the above table - Giovanni Battista Piranesi Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Italian Baroque, History Page, 1st Century, First Humans, Art Database, Roman Empire, Celtic

Roma Surrectum 2 Faction Preview - The Dacians


Battle scene from the Adamclisi monument. In the foreground a Dacian warrior fight using a double-handed falx against a Roman Auxilia with lorica hamata. Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Ancient History, European Tribes, Roman Sculpture, Roman History, Fantasy Paintings, Kaiser, Prehistory

ancient Dacians pictures

:thumbsup2 http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/falx.jpg falxmen -historical pictures http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/kadr1.jpg http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/kadr5.jpg http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/kadr6.jpg http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/kadr7.jpg http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/kadr9.jpg http://www.trajan.ru/dacia/kadr10.jpg