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This image shows a painting from a series of artworks of ancient "beauties" in their daily lives. These paintings are currently found in the Beijing Palace Museum.

Chinese paintings from Qing Dynasty of ancient “beauties” in their daily livings. The artworks were painted on folding screens x and are currently stored in Beijing’s Palace Museum.

This image shows the entrance to the Zhongshan Park, built in 1421. This was were the emperor of the Qing Dynasty would make offerings to the gods of earth and agriculture. It is now a public park.

Built in 1421 by the Ming Yongle Emperor, Zhongshan Park was where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties made offerings to the gods of earth and agriculture and became a public park in

This map shows the location of the Qing Dynasty in green, comparing it to modern day China, which is outlined in red. The Qing Dynasty included areas of places which we now know as separate countries, such as Mongolia, Russia, Japan and Kazakhstan.

This picture shows how much land the Qing dynasty ruled over. They had more than of the land area on Earth. Asia's longest river, Yangtze flowed across China's most important cities. the Yangtze Valley provided more than one third of China's crops.

This image shows the hairstyles of the Manchu Noblewomen in the Qing Dynasty

Refs hereA short illustration showing different styles of the Manchurian women's wing-like headdress through early, mid and late Qing dynasty. Noble Manchurian Women of Qing Dynasty (Hair)

This artwork depicts the agriculture during the Qing Dynasty.

Agricultural society: of China lived in small villages and towns, or on rented land. They grew crops like tea, and made extra money by spinning or weaving cotton or silk, or making other handicrafts for sale at local markets.