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a three tiered cake decorated with flowers and ribbons on a red tablecloth background
La torta speciale per un battesimo chic
Il battesimo è la festa che preferisco. L'augurio più bello, secondo me, è...
a three tiered cake with pink butterflies on it's side and white frosting
Theme: butterflies! Adapted from an original design by @poppypickeringcakes #butterflytheme #butte... #yooying
a pink cake decorated with flowers and two babies
dåpskake - Google-søk
a white cake with pink frosting and baby's photo on top is shown
Dåpskake i hvitt og rosa
a baby is sleeping on top of a white cake with pink and purple butterflies around it
lil sculpture
Baby Girl Cake Topper with Pale Pink Blanket, Pink Flowers & Purple Butterflies Sugar Paste for Baby Shower by lil sculpture
a pink cake with baby shoes and bows on top is sitting on a wooden table
Baby Stuff
Pale Pink Girly Baby Shower Cake ~ all edible and fabulous!