Seed Mat Wild Flower Mix - so pretty! Easiest way to create a border of wild flowers With the 'Wildflowers Mix' you can create a wild flower meadow in your garden.


✯ Blue grape Hyacinth And Tulips I sure will be winter planting my bulbs I have dug up and dried. I will plant under my lilac bushes for a splash of colour for the next spring.

Fresias 216c724e0883b6026a6ff815a18bcc93.jpg (775×1162)

Freesias - a colourful and affordable flower fills the room with gorgeous scent - My favourite gift for mum Fiori Flowers Flores Blumen Fleurs

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise flower (Strelitzia Reginae) was named after Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom, an amateur botanist.

Aloe ferox

Bitter Aloe, Cape Aloe, Red Aloe, Tap Aloe - Aloe ferox can grow up to 10 feet…

The beautiful but very deadly Angel's Trumpets/ Datura Brugmansia

We have Angel's Trumpet in our garden in Bangalore. In blooms it is as glorious as this looks. "Now here's a garden statement.I've seen a few of these in my travels but none a spetacular as this one! It's an Angels Trumpet Tree"

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