2. Californiul 252

The Most Expensive Metal In The World

1. Antimateria

Imagini pentru cel mai chinuit om din lume in imagini


Pedra painite, mineral mais raro do planeta!

4. Diamantul

Many people confuse carat with karat… Do you know how the difference between the two?

5. Tritiul

Secondary Market Jumps for Shares in Billion-Dollar Startups

6. Taaffeite

Taaffeite - near Ratnapura, Sri Lanka Size: x x cm

7. Plutoniul

More insanity.if it's actually real.

10. Metamfetamina

10. Metamfetamina

11. Heroina

The world today has become encircled by drug abuse as well as drug addiction. This escalating complaint has become so common, that its truth is based on misconceptions that people have concerning drug abuse as well as addiction.

12. Creme de la Mer

crem della mer - the best gift to my skin ever!

15. Rodiul

15. Rodiul

17. Caviarul de beluga iranian

15 Most Expensive Things Ever

19. Trufele

19. Trufele

18. Șofranul

18. Șofranul