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everyone needs

And I can only have friends whose darker sides I can handle. Some in this world are simply too dark. Way too dark, and too frightening.

I love people I can be crazy with.

I'm so fun, outgoing & I love to be crazy. I love to be just ME! (: And I'm extremely happy with that. More so I love that my friends know they can be crazy and fun themselves with me like interigating the drive through kid at DD after hrs.

Stop judging other people and get busy with your own life. :)

This is so true, many times we can't find fault with our own actions but can quickly judge others. I need to learn to be aware of this behavior in myself. I don't want to be a JUDGE.

Button lamp shade for mom

Cheap lampshade + random buttons + glue = quirky and unique hand crafted light adornment wonder. Brighten up your room with this button shade! Take some buttons (square, circle, big, small) and glue them onto the lampshade to create a POP in the room.