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a green drink in a glass with black eyes and a burlock wrapped around it
a cake made to look like a waterfall and palm trees
A Deceptively Easy Dinosaur Birthday Cake: DIY How-To
Throwing a dinosaur themed birthday party for your boy - or girl? This easy dinosaur birthday cake will blow the pants off everyone. From a 3rd birthday to a 20th, this awesome-looking cake can be appreciated by any dino fan. A homemade dinosaur cake has never been easier, even with the DIY waterfall! This dinosaur cake uses NO fondant, it's strictly buttercream, sparkle gel, and a couple of cookies. (No one will even mind that the dinosaurs and trees are plastic, because it looks cool anyway.)
1h 15m
a peacock cake and cupcakes on a white tablecloth with windows in the background
This Cake (Credit: Malizzi Cakes)
there is a cake that has been made to look like an island
Pastel de Isla de Moana/ Moana Island Jelly Cake
a white plate topped with red fish and blueberries
Plate decoration idea - tomato
a bunch of food that is on a plate and in the process of being made