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H APARTMENT Night Table, Apartment Interior Design, Nightstand, Bed Stand


An experiment in an apartment – the total furniture. Besides it’s basic purpose, in this case it has an extra purpose of functional separation and delimitation while being at the same time the most important element of composition for the interior design. It is a wardrobe, table, night table, desk, dumbwaiter, room decorative background or…

C APARTMENT Moving In Together, Living Spaces, Interior Design, Kitchen, Table, Furniture, Home Decor, Nest Design, Cooking


The apartment belongs to a young couple of newlyweds who just moved in together. The interior design of their new place was a chance to discover what each of them thought about how living space should be. They found out that they were not always on the same page, and the compromises they had to…

CM APARTMENT Spare Room, Your Style, Kitchen Cabinets, Interior Design, Furniture, Home Decor, Nest Design, Decoration Home, Home Interior Design


The young couple owners of this apartment wished for a massive restructure of their place. It is a two-room apartment where they needed to create actually three rooms. It’s important to make your home according to your style of living. In this case the owners decided that they would rather have a spare room then…

ARMEAN HOUSE Decorative Tile, Home Interior Design, Layout, Wood, Modern, House, Furniture, Trendy Tree, Page Layout


A part of a well designed new residential development in Cluj‘s suburbs, this house comes from the start with a good functional layout. Due to this, the interior design adjusted well to the space of the house, improving it’s usability. The requirements of the owners were the functionality of a simple way of life, a…

H Interior Inspiration, Divider, Entryway, Interior Design, Room, Furniture, Home Decor, Entrance, Nest Design


PROGRAM: 2 bedroom apartment refurbishment STATUS: completed SURFACE: 70 sqm LOCATION: Cluj YEAR: 2017

N APARTMENT 1930s House, Flooring, Mirror, Interior Design, Bed, Furniture, Home Decor, Nest Design, Decoration Home


The two apartments are next to each other and they take up the entire top floor of an unremarkable, but nice 1930s house. The client intends to use it as a protocol accommodation or for rent, so the design had to be eye-catching but still rational and without excesses. There were a few modifications in…

wooden structure in living room Design Case, Home Office, Stairs, House Design, Living Room, Interior Design, Inspiration, Inspired, Decoration


After the birth of their children, the owners decided to redesign their home in a style more suitable for their own aesthetic. The project was implemented in multiple phases as the owners didn’t want to move out of the house for a long period of time. The house has a surface of 350 sqm occupying…